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What is a toner cartridge?

Printer cartridges are easily classified as either toner or ink, but as a consumer it's not always obvious what type of printer you have.

Laser printers use toner, or fine powder, which, in the simplest terms is transferred to a sheet of paper using static electricity and then quickly heated to fix the particles in place.

Laser toner cartridges are typically slightly wider than a sheet of A4 paper (210mm), although they can be smaller depending on the print system used by the laser printer. They are also usually quite heavy (from several hundred grams to over one kilo).

The immediate printout from a laser printer will always be dry to the touch (because the toner is effectively "dry ink"), and during long print jobs the paper could get very warm as the printing process involves heating the toner to fix it in place.

About laser printers

It was traditionally only business or office printers that used laser toner, but in recent years the price and footprint (size) of some laser printers has been sufficiently reduced to make them affordable and practical for home users.

Colour laser printers are also very common and work in the same way as mono laser printers but require a separate cartridge for each colour toner (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Laser printers are usually larger than inkjet printers and are more commonly used for printing documents rather than photographs.

What do printer model suffixes mean?

There are literally hundreds of printers in production, and when you include models that are no longer being produced, the number of printers we have to index and check cartridge compatibility for here at Ink Factory runs into thousands.

Printer model names and numbers can be quite confusing, often a printer model may differ by only one letter at the end - it's helpful to know what those suffixes mean so you can tell if it's the same as another printer or a different device altogether.

After more than a decade of cataloguing printers, we've compiled a list of what the letters on the end of a printer model signify.

Printer model suffixes

D Duplex Fully automatic double-sided printing
C Colour Indicates the device is a colour printer
LS Low speed Often a cheaper reduced speed model of a printer
M Macintosh The printer has a Postscript module installed
MFP Multi-function printer The device does more than one function, also known as “all in one”, possible functions include print, scan, copy, fax. Refer to the manual.
N Network ready Printer has a built-in network card so you can connect it to your network so multiple users can print to it - rather than plugging it into your computer. Printers that are network ready are often called “workgroup printers”.
P Postscript or Personal Depending on the printer manufacturer, P may denote that Postscript is supported, or on newer (particularly inkjet printers) it most likely stands for “Personal” and denotes that the printer is ideal for individual or very light use by a small team
S Paper stacker or Stapler The printer includes a paper stacker (for high volume output) or, the device features a stapler – both apply mainly to large volume “enterprise” printers (like Laserjet or other laser printers) and are not likely to apply to a domestic inkjet printer
SE Special Edition Refers to the marketing or bundling of the product and not the device specification
Si HP large volume printer Large volume HP printers carry this suffix
T Additional paper tray An extra paper tray means you can keep your printer loaded with more than one type of paper, e.g. plain paper and letterheaded paper
W Wireless Network ready Device has a built-in wireless network card so you can connect it to your network wireless for multiple users to access rather than plugging it into your computer. See “Network Ready”.
X Combination of features This commonly means that the device has multiple features such as duplex and networking. You should refer to the device specification.

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