How do you install a printer cartridge?

How do you install a printer cartridge?

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Most printer cartridges will come with clear instructions on how to install, but the process is roughly the same for all inkjet printers inks.

Usually you will lift the printer lid that covers the printhead and the paper, the area where the printing actually takes place - where the printing ink meets the paper! In this area there will be the printhead which looks like a block, often with a lid.

When you lift the lid this will move to the centre of the printer to make it easy to access it. If the printhead doesn't move into the centre of the printer when you open the printer lid then there may be a button you need to press (and sometimes hold down for a few seconds) to make this action happen.

There will almost always be instructions (often in diagram form) on the underside of the printers lid.

If you're not sure how to put the cartridge in your printer, don't force it in.

Remember that there is always the possibility that the cartridge might still have some extra packaging (like an orange clip) attached to it that you haven't removed or of course the supplier might have sent you the wrong one (although this is quite rare nowadays).