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What does Print Saver do?

Print Saver reminds you that your printer doesn't just use ink, it also uses trees (paper).

How does it work?

Print Saver plays different sounds when you are preparing to print and whilst you are printing; it will reward you with the relaxing sounds of the forest if you decide not to print.

Are you serious?

Print Saver is intended as a bit of fun, but it's also a friendly reminder that printing costs more than the price of printer cartridges.

System Requirements

PC running Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000. Sorry, Apple Mac is not currently supported. If you want a Mac version, send us a tweet @inkfactory and if we get enough interest we might make one.

Print Saver Help & Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Print Saver?

Download the printsaver-setup.exe file, and run it. When installed, the Print Saver icon (a little green tree) will appear in the corner of your screen near the clock.

How do I uninstall Print Saver?

Refer to your operating system manual to use the Add or Remove Programs function (also called Uninstall a Program in Windows 7). You will find Print Saver in the list of installed programs, select it and click on Uninstall.

How do I make Print Saver play a sound?

Clicking on Print in most popular applications will open a window to confirm print settings, at this point you will hear the chainsaw idling. If you choose to print, the chainsaw will go to work, if not, you will hear the sounds of a tranquil forest.

To check that Print Saver is turned ON, right-click on the little green tree in the corner of your screen and check that there is a tick mark next to the 'ON' menu option.

Why don't I hear any sounds when I print?

Firstly, please check your computer speakers are attached and turned on. Also check that the volume control has not been muted (you should see a little speaker icon in the corner of your screen).

Print Saver works when the print dialog box is opened in most common programs. It may not be triggered by programs that use a custom print dialog box. If in doubt, try clicking on Print in a couple of different applications to test if it is working.

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