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KODAK ink cartridges

To keep things simple, KODAK ink cartridges have only ever been manufactured in two distinct series: The KODAK 10 series and the KODAK 30 series. This decision has certainly made purchasing KODAK inks for your printer much easier when compared to buying ink for printers made by rival companies.

With KODAK proprietary pigment ink technology you get the vibrancy of dye-based inks and the longevity of pigment-based for a high-quality solution at an affordable price.

If you are looking to make further savings on your ink costs then take a look at our range of compatible KODAK ink cartridges from Jet Tec, an award-winning UK based company specialising in the production of low cost compatible and recycled printer ink cartridges for all the major printer manufacturers.


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KODAK Cartridge Compatibility

KODAK 10 Series ink cartridges will fit:
Kodak ESP 3, Kodak ESP 5, Kodak ESP 7, Kodak ESP 9, Kodak Easyshare 3250, Kodak Easyshare 5100, Kodak Easyshare 5210, Kodak Easyshare 5250, Kodak Easyshare 5300, Kodak Easyshare 5500, Kodak Easyshare 6150, Kodak Easyshare 7250, Kodak Easyshare 9250, Kodak Office Hero 6.1, Kodak Hero 7.1, Kodak Hero 9.1.

KODAK 30 Series ink cartridges will fit:
Kodak ESP 1.2, Kodak ESP 3.2S, Kodak ESP 3.2, Kodak ESP C110, Kodak ESP C310, Kodak ESP C315, Kodak ESP 2100, Kodak ESP 2170, Kodak Hero 2.2, Kodak Hero 3.1, Kodak Hero 4.2, Kodak Hero 5.1, Kodak ESP Office 2150, Kodak ESP Office 2170.

KODAK Printers

1999 saw, in collaboration with the printer division at Lexmark International, KODAK launching a limited range of home photo printers called the Personal Printer Maker (PPM) series. Due to the success of this range and the fast growing market place of home photo printing, KODAK launched its own range of inkjet printers, printer docks, digital camera and camera docks in 2001 under that brand name EasyShare. KODAK then when on to launch its ESP printer range in 2007 and the HERO range of printers in 2011.

Apart from the early PPM printers, which used a Lexmark cartridge "rebranded" as a KODAK ink cartridge, KODAK has produced its own consumables for customers who have purchased from its portfolio of home photo printers.

KODAK, or to give the company its full corporate title: Eastman Kodak Company, is a global imaging/photographic equipment and services company whose HQ is based in New York, USA. It was founded by the famous American innovator and entrepreneur George Eastman (July 12, 1854 to March 14, 1932) in 1888. As well as being a keen innovator George Eastman was one of the outstanding philanthropists of his time by donating more than $100 million to various projects during his life, even donating £200,000 to fund a London dental clinic for disadvantaged children in 1926. His former home in New York was opened as the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in 1949, 17 years after his death.

Through his company KODAK, George Eastman brought to the world the first practical Photographic Roll Film (celluloid film) that was used a year later in the first motion picture films of the era.

As a company KODAK went from strength to strength and dominated sales in photographic film and photographic equipment for many years. KODAK even invented the core technology used the digital cameras used today, however it failed to capitalise on this technological advance by continuing to promote its various film based products as the core business of the company. This was a decision that was to ultimately bring down KODAK and see it file for bankruptcy in 2012. In 2013 KODAK was allowed to restructure its massive debts and continue to trade as a company, in doing so KODAK ceased making consumer products and focused instead on business services, business equipment and film for the motion picture industry.

Although today KODAK no longer produces printers for the home market, it does still produce consumables such as KODAK ink cartridges and KODAK photo paper, both of which we sell on this website alongside compatible KODAK ink cartridges from Jet Tec.

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