Compare printers based on running costs

Our database covers the best-selling printers for home and small office users in 2016

  • Compare by running costs, with compatible or big brand (OEM) cartridges - find the cheapest printer to run
  • Compare by media handling capabilities - can it print on card? what thickness? what is the cheapest printer that can print on card?
  • Compare by features and connectivity - is it WiFi? does it have a wired LAN connector?
  • NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2016: See printers with known compatibility issues, know in advance if you might not be able to use 3rd party cartridges! Look for this label Known compatibility issues

We don't sell printers

...and you won't find any ads or sponsored links here. We sell ink, and we think it's smart to choose your next printer based on the running costs - we hope this tool will help you do that, we also hope that you'll think about buying your ink from us, but if not, no hard feelings.

How to use the comparison tool?

  1. Click 'Get Started' or 'Refresh' to update the results if they don't automatically. Switch between 'Compatible' and 'Big Brand' to show the associated running costs in the list on the left
  2. Use the options in the left column to specify your criteria to filter with
  3. Try out the 'Sort by' feature, to sort by running cost, max. paper thickness, or approximate printer cost
  4. Clicking on any result will simply take you to the page on our site where you can see a few more details and check the ink costs if you want to
You must then conduct your own research to find the best place to buy your printer, we don't sell printers and this isn't intended to be a price comparison tool.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't printer X listed here?

We don't have every make and model of printer listed here, just the most popular ones. We worked out which were popular based on customers shopping at our website.

Will you add printer X to this comparison tool?

Probably. If you think there's a popular model that's on the market now, get in touch and we'll more than likely add it.

Can I report issues with my printer not accepting 3rd party cartridges?

Yes, please do. As we collect feedback we will update accordingly. Please try to provide as much information as possible, the printer model, cartridge brand, when did it stop working, and have you applied any firmware updates?