One Year Unused Cartridges Buy-back Guarantee

If your printer fails and you no longer need cartridges you have purchased from Ink Factory in the last twelve months, we guarantee that we will buy them back from you as long as they are unused and unopened.

In some cases we will buy the cartridges back even if you have opened the outer packaging – please contact us to enquire.

For unused inkjet cartridges

We pay from 10% up to 100%

For unused toner cartridges

We pay from 10% and up to 50%


The buy-back value offered will be a percentage of the price paid or the current selling price on our website, whichever is the lesser.

The buy-back value offered will depend on the condition, and the popularity of the cartridge.

Popular cartridges still in their original packaging will likely qualify for a higher buy-back value; others will qualify for a lower buy-back value within the range stated above.

In all cases the buy-back value offered will be at our sole discretion.

You may request a quote for a buy-back offer without obligation to accept.

Items returned to us will be checked to ensure they match the description you have given us before a payment or refund is issued. If we find the items do not match we may adjust our offer, or offer to return the goods to you.

We will buy-back cartridges purchased from within the last twelve months; we do not buy-back cartridges purchased from other retailers.

This buy-back guarantee is limited to a maximum of £250 per customer, per calendar year.