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If you tried to print Twitter

There have been 0 tweets since Twitter began *

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  • Printing all 0 tweets would take about 0 years

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  • Average tweet length is 92 characters *


  • That's 0 characters (total tweets x avg size)


  • Printing Twitter would use 0 A4 pages (approximately)


    That's pages

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  • If you printed Twitter using a laser printer *


    You would need 0 toner cartridges

    and it would take 0 days

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  • If you printed Twitter using an inkjet printer *


    you would need 0 ink cartridges

    and it would take 0 days

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  • If you printed Twitter, the finished weight of your print job would be 0 metric tonnes

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* Notes:

Current number of tweets is live but it does not include private (protected) tweets that are not in Twitter's public timeline.

Characters per page is 3400 calculated as 85 mixed characters per line in 12pt Times New Roman font on an A4 page with 2.54cm or 1" margins.

Weight of finished print job assumes 80gsm paper was used.

Average number of tweets based on data sample analysis.

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